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Aboriginal Homelessness

PRACSS delivers the federally funded Aboriginal Homelessness on behalf of Service Canada and PRACSS is the Community Entity that funds local projects for Prince Rupert.

PRACSS is responsible for implementing strategies to address identified needs, as well as providing a leadership role in the local implementation of the Housing First Model.

PRACSS is responsible for providing support and guidance to the Community Advisory Board regarding program delivery, administration, and assists in establishing the criteria for project selection and the recommendation process.

As the Community Entity we are required to implement the selection process and solicit and confirm eligibility criteria of community proposals in an open, impartial, and fair manner. PRACSS assesses, approves, and enters into funding agreements with sub-agreement holders recommended by the Community Advisory Board that address identified needs and terms and conditions of the HPS and related policies and directives, including eligible activities under the following activity areas:

  • Housing First
  • Supportive Services
  • Capital Investments
  • Coordination of Resources and Leveraging
  • Data Collection and Use

PRACSS is responsible for the management of sub-project funding agreements, including financial and activity monitoring of sub-projects to ensure compliance with sub-agreements, and monitoring sub-projects for achievement of expected results.

PRACSS is responsible for informing the Community Advisory Board about the status of sub-projects (including results) and other activities relating to the prevention and reduction of homelessness in the community.

Community Advisory Board Members are:

  • Lynn Thompson - Chair, Northwest Inter-Nation Family & Community Services Society
  • VACANT, Lax Kw'Alaams
  • Carmen Elduayen, Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Alternate: Audrey Lundquist
  • Ulf Kristiansen, Prince Rupert Unemployment Action Centre
  • Oscar Dennis, Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society
  • Derry Bott, Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society
  • Bhupinder Jaswal, Service Canada
  • Katie Mierau, Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert
  • Alternate: Leona Wells
  • Mary Wesley, Northern Health
  • Alternate: Matina Sampare
  • Blair Mirau, Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society
  • Alternate: Cary Dyer
  • Joy Thorkelson, United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union
  • Alternate: Christina Nelson
  • Nicolas Najda, M'akola Group of Societies 
  • Alternate: Jennifer Fox
  • Barry Cunningham, Prince Rupert City Council

Contact Us

Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society
151-309 2nd Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 3T1

  • Administration (250) 622 2891
  • Justice (250) 622 2891
  • Better at Home (250) 624-6149
  • Patient Travel (250) 624 4646
  • PT Toll Free 1 (888) 624 5504
  • Fax (250) 622 2893
  • Email pracss@citywest.ca

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