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Aboriginal Justice Program

The Society has been delivering Aboriginal Justice Initiatives to Prince Rupert and the surrounding region since 1999. Our programs are funded by both Federal and Provincial Governments.

About Aboriginal Justice

Conflict inflicts harm. Through this program, individuals must accept responsibility for harm they have caused and work towards repairing this harm. Through our program, we bring together victims, offenders, and the community to take part in developing and implementing solutions that are beneficial to those affected. Our clients include youth and adults from both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. 

Our goals are as follows:

  • to administer an Alternative Justice Program for people in Prince Rupert and the vicinity by incorporating cultural, restorative and holistic approaches;
  • to promote the Program within schools and public agencies;
  • to reduce the number of people in the court system and in detention centres;
  • to reduce the recidivism rate; and 
  • to provide advisory services in relation to sentencing for the courts.

Our Program is funded by the Aboriginal Justice Strategy and Provincial Corrections through the Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society, a non-profit society governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The Aboriginal Justice Initiative was established to consider and address the over-representation of Aboriginal people in conflict with the law, and the fact that the incarceration rate for Aboriginal people is higher than that of non-Aboriginal people. For background on the Aboriginal Justice Initiative and legislative developments, click here.

The Aboriginal Justice Strategy enables Aboriginal communities to have increased involvement in the local administration of justice and, where appropriate, provides alternatives to mainstream justice processes. The strategy is described here.

For information and education on the programs and resources available to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, visit the Justice Education Society's website here

For information on Simon Fraser's Centre for Restorative Justice, click here.

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Inviting volunteers

From time-to-time we look for people from Prince Rupert and the north coast region to join us as volunteers. We will help educate you about the Aboriginal Justice process. Our Circles include Elders, representatives from our communities, and advocates. Due to limited funding, our recruitment process is not on-going; we advertise when we seek to fill vacancies. All of our volunteers are required to submit to a criminal record check and to complete our training program.

Alternative Measures for Adult Corrections

When it is not necessary or beneficial to prosecute a person accused of committing a crime, the Criminal Code of Canada allows Crown counsel to determine if an alternative measures program would be more suitable. These programs are used for less serious offences and must at all times protect the public. We work with Provincial Corrections to administer this program. For more information on this program, visit this link.   

Respectful Relationships

This program is intended for men who assault their partners. Its purpose is to make offenders aware of the values and beliefs of abusive behaviour; how abusive behaviour affects women and children; and non-violent skills that foster respectful relationships.

Substance Abuse Management

This program is aimed at teaching participants ways of reducing the harm of alcohol and drug use on themselves by changing thinking and behaviour towards alcohol and drug abuse.

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